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The Music Inclusion Hub is driven by three, women-led nonprofits, with Castle of our Skins and D-Composed led exclusively by African diasporic visionaries. All three organizations employ millennial Executive and Artistic leaders in addition to numerous other key administrative personnel. Our partnership is an intentional statement on the power young women, gender-marginalized, and minority voices can enact through collective work and responsibility. Our partnership is strategic in centering representation as an achievable realization for tomorrow’s leaders.

Get to know us below.

Boulanger Initiative (BI) advocates for all women and gender-marginalized composers. Their work fosters inclusivity and representation to expand and enrich the collective understanding of what music is and can be. BI promotes music composed by women through performance, education, research, consulting, and commissions.

Music Inclusion Hub Contributor:

Laura Colgate

Executive/Artistic Director &


Castle of our Skins is a Black arts institution dedicated to fostering cultural curiosity and celebrating Black artistry through music. In classrooms, concert halls, and beyond, Castle of our Skins invites Black heritage and culture exploration, spotlighting both unsung and celebrated figures of past and present.

Music Inclusion Hub Contributor:

Ashleigh Gordon

Artistic Director &


D-Composed is a Black chamber music collective that celebrates Black culture and creativity through the music of Black composers. They aim to make classical music approachable and reflective of the Black experience by intentionally creative experiences that meet the community where they are.

Music Inclusion Hub Contributor:

Kori Coleman

Artistic/Executive Director &


Children in Classroom


Boulanger Initiative: An interactive database of works by over 1,500 non-living women  and gender-marginalized composers.

Curricula include such topics as The Suffragette Composers: Women's Right to Vote, Women Composers during Chicago's Black Renaissance, and Folk Music from Around the World.

Castle of our Skins: 10 music scores + curriculum guides

Side-by-side string ensemble works + companion guides for advanced/professional string quartet + student strings, composed by Anthony R. Green. Teaching artist materials featuring original poetry, music, audience interaction, and guides for solo violin, viola, cello and mixed ensemble.

D-Composed: Five educational video performances performed primarily by a string quartet and interviews that amplify and educate the life and work of Black composers; for grades 6-9. Teaching artist materials feature writing prompts, quizzes, and reflection exercises.

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