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On-demand video series highlighting the music, stories, and cultures of Black composers.

Inspired by our signature performance series, Black Composers 101, we've created educational on-demand videos and curriculum guides for grades 6-9 highlighting the breadth and depth of the music of Black composers. ​Compositions follow themes such as Early Creators, Beyond Classical, Music of the Diaspora, Music for Storytelling, and Improvisation & Experimentation

Each video and guide gives you tools and resources that will allow you to bring the works and stories of Black composers into your classroom.​ Performance videos and their accompanying activities are designed to deepen students' understanding of the works of Black composers and promote more profound listening to understand society and culture.

Learn more below and access the course and corresponding curriculum guides via D-Composed.

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Black Composers 101:  Part 1

The Early Creators

In this segment, we highlight composers from the 17th - early 20th century meant to shine a light on the fact that the history of Black composers spans far back in time.


Hear a snippet of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges "String Quartet No. 3"

Beyond Classical

Explore musical compositions that are inspired by various Black musical styles such as Gospel, Spirituals, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

In this segment listen to a snippet of Tomeka Reid's "Prospective Dwellers" and discover the various elements of jazz.

Music of the Diaspora

We explore the African Diaspora, with compositions that draw inspiration from the Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America. 

Here, the quartet plays Gifrants "Mizik Demafwa" Listen to a snippet of this living Haitian composer's work.

Music for Storytelling

Composers use their compositions to tell stories and shine a light on causes or stories they want to highlight. 

Here is a snippet of Jean "Rudy" Perrault's "Exodus for String Quartet III. Hope" A piece that highlights the plight of those forced from their homeland.

Improvisation & Experimentation

In this segment, we highlight pieces that feature the use of experimental methods such as improvisation and electronics.

Hear a snippet of Joy Guidry's "On the Wings of a Hummingbird" and see how the ensemble improvises with the electronics with Joy's graphic score.

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