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A Knowledge Center about Women and Gender-Marginalized Composers


Designed for everyone – musicians, performers, conductors, students, researchers, educators, artistic administrators, and anyone with a curious mind – Boulanger Initiative Database (BID) provides access to thousands of works by women and gender-marginalized composers. By sharing knowledge and resources, BID increases access to works by underrepresented composers, empowering all who wish to diversify classical music programming. 


Our current catalogue focuses on access to both repertoire by and information about non-living composers, with an array of filtering options and redirection towards primary resources to streamline your search process. Database users will find a wealth of information about historical composers, including: links to composer websites and Wikipedia articles, notes on the composer, public domain images and photographs, and/or links to their works currently in the database. Information about works will include: links to scores (publisher and library access), audio and video recordings, and/or notes on relevant details such as text authors, translations, and movement titles.


Beyond the Box is a curriculum guide series designed by Boulanger Initiative to bring to life women and gender-marginalized composers and musicians who have historically been relegated to one paragraph inserts or boxes in standard music history textbooks. In these pages you will find information about not just music, but history, science, literature, art, fashion, cuisine; in other words, the worlds in which these composers lived!


As part of Beyond the Box you will also find an Activities Supplement with additional content for you to explore. This section includes short informational videos, exercises, discussion prompts, games, and more to enhance your understanding and learning experience. 

Beyond the Box Baroque Era Curriculum Cover.png

This curriculum is for everyone - whether you are a music major at a conservatory, a high school student, or a lifelong learner, there is something in this guide for you.


We designed Beyond the Box to be as accessible as possible, with definitions of music-specific words, inserts about socio-political events at the time, and introductions to other historical figures. Our first curriculum guide focuses on women composers of the Baroque-Era.

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